Monday, May 16, 2016

Great New Updates to Google Classroom and Google Slides!

Google has posted some great new updates to both Classroom and Slides. 

First, teachers can now schedule assignments, questions, or announcements to post at a later date. The post will be automatically published to your class stream at the date & time that you set. See this video for quick and easy directions.

Next, Google Slides now features a Presenter Mode that allows for student Q & A on its own backchannel. It works much like Today's Meet without having to use a separate app. (See Q & A directions here.) A presenter Laser Pointer is also included in this update. Now you can call your students' attention to specific parts of your screen just by using your mouse or touchpad. 

(If you don't see the new options yet, don't worry, they're on the way. NKSD is on Google's Scheduled Release track so sometimes it takes a week or two to get the updates.)