Tuesday, March 20, 2018

CheckMark Extension Makes Giving Feedback a Breeze

Do you find yourself giving students the same feedback over and over in their writing? The CheckMark extension will definitely ease the burden of editing student work in Google Docs. After you add the extension, all you have to do is highlight the issue and select one of the preset comments. The comments include common mistakes like run-on sentences, subject/verb agreement, capitalization, and punctuation. Mouse over each button to preview the comment. Then, simply click one and it will magically appear in the comment section on the right side of the doc.

Another great feature is that it counts how many times you've made the same comment (see the number in the red circle). This will tell you, and more importantly, the students, how often they are making the same mistakes. You can even customize the comment buttons by clicking the extension icon and the editing pencil. Use the menu to make your changes and click Apply.

For more information, see this video: